Go Dutch – in a Ditch

When Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne of England, neighbours in London would keep an eye on the health of those in close proximity by peering out of the window into the drains that ran in front of the houses, through the streets.

Some argue today that we do not pay enough attention to the quality of our stools, and in turn, our health.

That is why ‘Dutch’ has dug this PR ‘Ditch’ – a blog into which daily communications practice, and reflections on theory can be thrown, examined – and the general health of the PR profession pondered.

I’ve always wanted to juxtapose ‘Dutch’ and ‘Ditch’.  Having been a PR practitioner (‘Dutch’) I wanted to look back at the profession, and reflect on the practice with the new found insights gained additionally from academia.  Grunig and Hunt (1984) argue that excellence in PR demands two-way symmetrical communication.  I suppose what this blog is exploring is whether, however well intentioned that is, does contemporary experience (‘Ditch’) actually show that however hard one tries, it’s a far from symmetric world out there?


2 responses to “Go Dutch – in a Ditch

  1. As you will be aware this year is the 151st anniversary of the ‘Great Stink’ of London (… why didn’t you start a blog last year! ). The overloading of the sewerage system caused by overuse by ‘freeloaders’ and the new ‘flushing crappers’ producing a cistern overload. Apparently you can get too much of a bad thing and it doesn’t help to ‘take more water with it’.

    I like the concept of your blog and feel that the ‘Great Stink’ may also offer some ‘small room’ for thought for us humble PR hacks? I’m off to sit and think in peace – I may take the newspaper in with me…

  2. when people come to the cross road, they tend to chose the easier path, but sometimes, the seemingly smooth path is an ice path and you will slip. walking on the snow is safer but…uglier

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